How We Got Here

Growing up, I was immersed in the world of cars. From a young age, my dad, a skilled mechanic, crowned me the 'ultimate flashlight holder,' always seeking my help in the garage. High school days were filled with watching Initial D, at home or hitting the arcade with friends to play Initial D Stage 3 and 8. My deep love for cars and tuner culture eventually led me to fulfill my dream in 2017, owning a rare 2007 Mazdaspeed6, with only about 10,000 units in North America.

Owning this gem fueled my introduction to the car detailing universe. Friends noticed my passion and meticulous attention to detail, becoming my very first clients. Their interest and support encouraged me to take the leap into full-time detailing, granting me the incredible opportunity to immerse myself in cars. While some view cars merely as a mode of transport, to me, they embody a world of cherished memories, unforgettable experiences, and the incredible connections I've forged through them.

Letting go of my very first car, laden with lifelong memories enjoyed with friends, was tough. However, the Speed6 opened new doors, leading me to events where I've had the privilege of meeting incredible people. Some of whom have supported me and the business from day one, to propel me to where I stand today.

Embarking on my journey to preserve my hard-earned dream car led me to discover innovative solutions, that not only transform, but safeguard vehicles. Progressing from basic detailing to embracing advanced techniques such as ceramic coatings, paint protection film, and the cutting-edge restorative coating Icon Rocklear; my unwavering priority has always been to seek the very best products in the industry for vehicle protection. The sheer awe reflected in people's eyes as they witness the astonishing paint transformations, and the radiant shine that coatings & PPF bring to their cars serves as its own reward. With an unending commitment to exceptional service, I approach each vehicle with the same as if it were my own. I'm enthusiastic about sharing this passion with the world and eagerly look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you.

Noah Satho

CEO & Founder


COO & Co-Founder
Kevin Le
Senior Coating Technician
Hoang Tran
Senior Coating Technician
Antwan Nguyen
PPF Technician
Shirley Chi
Sales Assistant
Simon Liu
Creative Director